Why I am vegan

Not long ago, telling people you were vegan would’ve elicited a unilaterally hostile response.

There would’ve been gasps and sighs and maybe even condolences offered, as you mourned the death of your bordering-on-obsessive halloumi habit.

Now, when plant-based diets are more popular than ever before, vegans are far more likely to be met with congratulations than commiserations – probably from fellow vegans – and after having been vegan for 10 weeks myself, I can already see why.

I’ll admit, I was sceptical at first. For me, Veganuary – where non-vegans commit to trying veganism for the entire month of January – was predicated by parmesan cravings and actual dreams about pizza (in case you hadn’t guessed, cheese and I had a special relationship).

However, when I once didn’t think I’d make it past a full day (day one of Veganuary was obviously New Year’s Day and my hungover self was desperately seeking doughnuts), I’ve now been completely plant-based for 10 weeks and I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.